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Screw conveyor


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Wuxi Xinlian Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi city, near the famous Taihu Lake. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has implemented a product diversification and market-oriented strategy, strived to expand domestic and foreign markets, continuously improved the enterprise innovation system and quality assurance system, strengthened the construction of hard and soft power, and rapidly grew to be a modern professional manufacturing enterprise, with the capability of designing, manufacturing and scale production of complete sets of series and chemical fertilizers and papermaking machinery. 

Our company has established long-term close cooperation with domestic first-class light industry and chemical research and design institutes, to develop new technologies and new products, and has successfully developed complete sets of production technologies and equipment for various types of compound fertilizers, involving the inorganic, organic, organic-inorganic combination and urea melting slurry methods, thus forming a coordinated service system from the process design to equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Our company has actively carried out technical exchanges and production cooperation with famous international paper-making enterprises (Valmet Paper, GL&V, P&G and other companies) for many years, and has provided more than 20 kinds of paper-making machinery products such as the filter separator, deinking cell, pulper, belt screen, central pipe, etc. to domestic and foreign engineering projects.  

For the palm oil refining industry in Southeast Asia, our company has specially developed the palm oil processing machinery and successfully launched new products such as the fiber dryer, shredder and extruder to the international market. With the high quality products, advanced technology and good reputation, our company has won high praise from many users. 

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